Red Sandal Plants

Red sandalwood is a plant. The heartwood is used as medicine. The tree grows as a wild plant in Chittoor and kadapa districts of Andhra Pradesh and found in some packets of adjoining state of Tamil Nadu also.

The area is characterised by hot dry climate with around 100mm of rain in each of the two annual monsoons. The trees are found in dry hill areas of Palakonda range. The heartwood, useful parat of plant is extremely hard, blood red in colour with occasional light yellow streaks.

Bois de Santal Rouge, Pterocarpus santalinus, Rakta Chandan, Red Sanderswood, Red Saunders, Rubywood, Sándalo Rojo, Sandalwood Padauk, Santali Lignum Rubrum, Santalum Rubrum, Sappan.

Red Sanders OR red sandalwood is only found in the South, in India. This wood has been traditionally used as a sacred wood in religious functions and during pujas, havans[homas] purpose. Red Chandan is also used in ayurvedic medicine.

In a Red sandalwood tree (unlike white sandalwood), the wood at the center of the trunk (heartwood) is mainly used for medical purposes.

The other names of RedChandan are Rakta Chandan, Red Sanderswood, Santali Lignum Rubrum, Red Saunders, Sandalo Rojo, Rubywood, Sandalwood Padauk, Santalum Rubrum, Sappan, Pterocarpus santalinus, Bois de Santal Rouge Red sandalwood has various medical uses: Fluid Retention, treating digestive tract problems, purification of blood and treatment of coughs.

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