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Shriji Sandalwood Farm owner is Nitin Patel.

NItin Patel is a Secretary of Sandalwood Grower Association.

Nitin Patel Studied of Sandalwood very deep, Nitin Patel have many friends of Sandalwood Scientists. Nitin Patel visited many Sandalwood farm with Sandalwood Scientists for Improvement of Practical Knowledge.

Nitin Patel always help to Farmers with Smile. All over Indian framers calling average 10 to 12 per day to Nitin Patel for Chandan Farming / Cultivation /Plantation, Nitin Patel guide to him properly.

Nitin Patel sending Excellent mater / manual of sandalwood farming by Email or What’sapp to Farmers.

Nitin Patel guide approximately 4000 to 5000 farmers totally free, it is record.

Nitin Patel good writer, he written excellent Book of Sandalwood in Gujarati, Hindi, English, Marathi Language.


Mission & Vision

NItin Patel vision is very clear is more Income of Farmers.

More Planting of Agro Forest tree because of climate change & Green Revaluation.



Nitin Patel Organized Many free Sandalwood Seminar in Gujarat. This type of seminar is First time in INDIA. The Seminar Program is full time with Lunch. The Many Seminar Organizer Inviting to Nitin Patel for Lecture of Sandalwood.

The Govt of India body AFRI – Jodhpur Inviting to Nitin Patel for Research Advisory Group Meting { RAG} at Jodhpur & Stakeholder Meting at Gandhinagar.

The Sandalwood Planting in India under Guidance of Nitin Patel 2015 to 2016.

Nitin Patel always active for knowledge Improving small point of Sandalwood Farmers.

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